Rent direct

Happy familyThis service is included in all three of our account packages. It works by taking your housing benefit and makes sure it goes straight to the Landlord so that you can have peace of mind that your rent is paid on time everytime

Why use this service?

  • It is free to you. The service is paid for by your Landlord if they are part of our EMCU SORTED programme. Check out our partners list on the About us page
  • If you get your rent paid directly to the Landlord this is not going to be the case soon as it will be paid directly to you. You will then have the responsibility of making sure the Landord gets his rent. Using this service will make sure your Landlord gets his rent every time. Changes to benefits start in April 2013. . To find out if the benefits changes will effect you goto the StepChange website
  • Better than a standing order or direct debit, which you can cancel at anytime, your credit union will protect this money so that you cannot spend it on anything else