Rent Payment Account

Happy familyThis account makes sure your rent is paid by having your wages or benefits paid directly to your credit union account. By doing this your credit union will make sure your rent is paid for you and will have the rest of your money paid to a prepaid debit card, bank account of your choice or a Rent Payment Budget Account (£) so that your other bills can be paid. 

By signing up to a Rent Payment Account you will get:

  • Life-time membership to one or two credit unions (which credit union you join depends on where you live or work or who your Landlord is) 
  • A pre-paid card that you can use on-line or in shops to pay for things (££)
  • A rent safeguarding and payment service called Rent Direct, free of charge to you, so your rent is paid on time every time
  • Some money for your 'share' in your credit union(s) (you will need to keep this money in your account to keep it open)

How much will it cost me?

If your Landlord is a member of the SORTED programme, they will have agreed to pay the costs of the Rent Payment Account for you. If you are not sure check out our website on the About us page or ask your housing officer.

£ - This account has a monthly charge that you will need to pay
££ - Terms & Conditions apply