Rent payment budget account

SORTEDOur Rent Payment Budget Account package is ideal for bill management or saving for specific items. So if you have trouble budgeting for important bills or for the things you want this package is for you. 

Included in the package is the Rent direct service and a pre-paid card if you choose. The Rent direct service will make sure your housing benefit goes directly from your credit union account to your Landlord and is included free to you.

Highlights of the Rent Payment Budget Account

  •     Money cannot be withdrawn until the bill has been deducted
  •     Allow you to manage your money better
  •     Pay your bills on time
  •     Enable you to set savings targets and save for specific items
  •     Improve your credit rating and manage any debts better
  •     Become a better saver
When you open a budget account you can set up a regular payments into the account by:
  • Having your benefits paid into your account directly    
  • Transfer from other accounts with your credit union or elsewhere
  • Direct deposit from your wages/salary
All you need to do is decide which bills and payments you would like to be made on your behalf each week or month and Your credit union will do the rest. As long as your income comes into your account as agreed, each of your agreed payments are made on time. We can then split up the remaining balance into weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments to your pre-paid card, savings or current account.

Form coming soon. In the meantime please ask your housing officer to sign you up for the Rent Payment Budget Account if this is the package for you.