How much will it cost me?

Costs cloudEach bundle has different products that you can pick and choose from

Rent direct service

Free if your landlord is a member of the SORTED programme. Check the About us page to see if your Landlord is included

Budget Service

The budget account costs a low monthly fee of £4 for up to 6 payments per month (not including Rent paid as part of this service). If you need to pay more than 6 bills then there is an additional charge of £2 for every 4 payments. For example if you need to pay up to 10 bills then you would be charged £6 per month

Pre-paid Visa card

No monthly fees. Pay as you go



Web service for balances and transactions    Free
Card Issue £0.00***
Point of sale (UK) Free (EU/International £1 + 2% of transaction value)
ATM withdrawal (UK) 75p per withdrawal (cash back Free)
Card load 50p per load
Point of Sale purchase Free
Cash Back Free
Card renewal Free
Damaged card replacement Free*
Lost/stolen card replacement Free*
PIN retrieval (text message or phone) Free
Monthly fee Free
Annual fee Free
Inactive fee None
Balance enquiry Free
Contact centre cost per min Local rate charge
Lost & stolen line cost per min Local rate charge
Text messages 50p**
Paper statement retrieval Free

*We reserve the right to charge a £3.50 fee if a card is repeatedly lost or damaged.
** PIN advice, security details and activation texts are free, balance details cost 50p to an external provider.
***The cost is £3.50 if your Lanldord has not paid your membership for you as part of the SORTED programme